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Build momentum by building confidence.

I have a soft spot for the underdog. I believe that the human spirit, when inspired, has the ability to overcome any obstacle with the right tools in place. I also believe that everyone strives for authenticity, and has the right (and inherent desire) to live in such a way that honors one’s full potential, even if it goes against popular opinion. I want to explore what truly matters to you in a safe, and nonjudgmental setting, provide the appropriate tools, and help you build momentum by building confidence in taking the next step forward in this journey we call life.


Most people who enter therapy in adulthood are realizing that life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Work, relationships, social lives may be suffering. In psychotherapy, we meet individually and talk about what is on your mind. It is a collaborative process, and I believe you are your own expert. While I might provide some recommendations, you ultimately decide how you live your life. What we focus on depends on what your concerns are, and the treatment approach also depends on your needs, issues, and goals. We will discuss the options available and tailor our approach to what makes the most sense.


The transition from childhood to adolescence can be a challenging time physically, emotionally, and socially for many teens. While it is normal for teens to experience mood changes and varying emotional states, significant changes in the intensity and duration of emotional issues may interfere with your teen’s functioning across school, community, and home settings. Therapy can provide a supportive environment where your teen can freely express their experiences and emotions, build self-esteem and cope with current life stressors in ways that emphasize your teen’s interests, preferred way of communication, and personal strengths.


Group therapy can be a very beneficial aspect of your treatment. It can be motivating and relieving to know that others have similar experiences as you do; this makes it less isolating to know you are not alone. The type of group can be process-oriented, meaning others will provide input into your struggles along with their suggestions and observations, or group could be psychoeducational where you learn about your diagnosis and develop skills to handle life, your thoughts, and/or emotions more effectively.


There are many approaches and theories to address issues in the family. Most of the family therapy sessions offered at Discovery serve to help the family unit support the individual client’s progress. How the sessions are structured depends on the issues being addressed. Research has shown that family involvement in therapy greatly increases the likelihood of overall success, not only for the client, but also for the family as a whole. If family therapy is something you think would be beneficial, please let me know and we can discuss this as an option for treatment.

We Specialize In: Trauma and PTSD | Relationship Issues | Self Esteem

If you are interested in how therapy can help your family cope with these and other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.